Thermographic Energy Loss Inspection – How to Prepare

Thermographic Energy Loss Inspection – How to Prepare

By In Uncategorized On January 23, 2017

For the most accurate result to be yielded from an interior thermal scan, there are steps that the building owner should take. For example, simple steps like keeping furniture away from the walls and taking down drapes will affect the process. F

or the most accurate thermographic images, there will normally be a clear difference in temperature between inside and outside. Therefore, northern states find it better to complete the inspection in the winter whilst others may be better in the summer with air conditioning.

Due to a phenomenon we call ‘thermal loading’, sometimes the building owner will have to artificially create two different temperatures inside and outside the building during the four hours before a test.

Although this isn’t always required throughout the year, certain months may need this specific temperature adjustment. For example, the air conditioner might be needed in cool climates whilst the heating system may be in used during the hotter months to accentuate the difference between inside and outside.

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