Thermal Imaging Devices for Your Phone

Thermal Imaging Devices for Your Phone

By In Uncategorized On August 17, 2017

Many people want to have thermal imaging on their phone now. As thermal imaging gains popularity in the consumer market, it is becoming more and more in demand.

In fact, Flir (who makes some of the most sophisticated thermal devices in the industry) also makes a phone app and attachment.

Many people use these devices for fun, light use, hunting, or other reasons. But what is the difference between phone devices and professional equipment. The answer is: A lot.

First of all, if you use one of the devices on your phone, you will notice that most devices rely heavily on ambient light – so areas that are not well lit tend to reduce the image resolution.

The image resolution even at good light is still an issue. It is often difficult to make out what is actually in the image, and makes it difficult for any kind of analysis.

Also, the accuracy is definitely different than professional equipment. If you point the camera at something constant like the human body (at about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) you will get readings as low as 70 degrees and up to 115 degrees – which would hypothetically mean that the person you are scanning is in serious trouble, but just means the device is not consistently accurate.

That is why professional thermal equipment costs thousands of dollars, and that there are different levels of thermographer status that a person can achieve.

So while the phone devices are fun, great for finding raccoons in your garbage at night, and even for finding the occasional leak in a wall, the real thermal imaging comes from a certified thermographer with professional equipment.

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