About Thermal Imaging

Why Thermal Imaging?

nashua NH thermal imagingInfrared thermal imaging has many uses under the skilled hands of a qualified thermographer.  Many items of concern are often hidden form visible detection through traditional investigations.  However, these concerns typically provide a heat signature which can be detected through infrared thermal imaging equipment.  An inspection using infrared thermal imaging is relatively quick, non-invasive, non-destructive, and can save New England clients both money and time that traditional inspection methods cannot.

Applications for industrial, residential, and commercial infrared inspections are almost endless.  Below are but a few of the various services New England Thermal Imaging can provide:

  • Infrared Electrical Inspections
  • Commercial Flat Roof Inspections
  • Heat Loss and Energy Surveys
  • Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Surveys
  • Plumbing Supply and Drain Leak Detection
  • Structural Defect Inspections
  • Concealed Insulation Infrared Scans
  • Water and Moisture Intrusion Surveys
  • Building Envelope Infrared Surveys
  • Radiant Heating Location and Leak Detection
  • and much more…

Infrared thermal imaging has rapidly become one of the most cost effective and valuable diagnostic services for many diverse applications of commercial, industrial, and residential building inspections.

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