Infrared Electrical Inspections

Infrared Electrcial Inspections

Infrared electrical inspections have quickly become a staple of thermal imaging applications for Portsmouth and Dover, New England area commercial and industrial clients.  Our Clients enjoy infrared electrical inspection because these inspections provides non-contact, non-invasive, and an effective method of evaluating cirtical electrical components within a building or industrial setting.  Pictured below are images that Rochester, Laconia, and Concord property owners may find.  These images can identify defect or impending failure.

infrared electrical inspections

As electrical components and motor circuits fail, become loose, or otherwise become damaged, they produce heat.  This is also known as a high resistance connection.  Infrared technology can quickly discover these dangerous heat signatures before they cause damage to property and life, or create costly unnexpected downtime.  More and more insurance carriers are recommending building and facility owners perform infrared electrical scans on a routine service schedule to prevent such occurrences and reduce or prevent costly claims.


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